General MIDI sound sets

FreePats General MIDI sound set

Version 2022-10-26

Please note that this sound set is incomplete: it contains 45 entries for the melodic sound set and 43 entries for the percussion kit. More instruments will be included in subsequent releases, and we hope to achieve a complete sound set eventually.

New version of the FreePats' General MIDI sound set, assembled from scratch. Instruments contained in this sound set are usually available individually in higher quality and larger sizes in the FreePats web directory.

The origin and license of each instrument has been subject to a very strict policy to ensure that all of them are original, placed under a suitable license.

GNU General Public License version 3 or later, with a special exception. Some individial sound samples contained in this sound set may be covered by other licenses compatible with the GNU GPL.

Sound set SF2 227MiB (307MiB)
Sound bank SFZ FLAC 127MiB (134MiB)
Sound set SFZ WAV 176MiB (308MiB)

Old FreePats General MIDI sound set

Version 2006-02-19

Old version of FreePats General MIDI sound set, initially put together by Eric A. Welsh more than 14 years ago. It had historical relevance because it was a pioneer effort to create a free (as in free software) sound bank covering the General MIDI sound set.

Some instruments are missing. Unfortunately, it is outdated for current quality expectations, and the origin of many of its samples is unknown. A new version is in development.

Sound set GUS 24MiB