Honky-tonk Piano

Old Piano FB

Version 2020-04-01

Recorded by Piotr Barcz from a Francis Bacon player piano. It's a wonderful historic piano with an authentic honky-tonk tone.

The sounds were recorded in stereo with a Zoom H1n sound recorder, at the approximate position where the pianist's head would be, and they were sent to FreePats on February 2020. It's quite difficult to find pianos like this nowadays, many thanks to Piotr for sharing these samples with us.

Published under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 public domain dedication.

Sound bank SFZ FLAC 34MiB Best quality
Sound bank SFZ WAV 49MiB Best quality
Sound bank SF2 53MiB Best quality
Sound bank SFZ FLAC 6.2MiB Small size
Sound bank SFZ WAV 7.8MiB Small size
Sound bank SF2 8.8MiB Small size