Jaw Harp

Jaw Harp

Version 2020-06-06

This sound bank is made with samples of a jaw harp, sent by Eugene Vlaskin to the FreePats project on February 2018:

I recorded this sample pack in autumn of 2017 in the North West of Sakhalin (in Nekrasovka) with the aid of Michail Chayka (a Nivkh musician who played jaw harp) and his mother N.K. Chayka. We used school sound equipment for this recording, so the quality is not very good but after processing in Audacity it seems to me good enough.

Published under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 public domain dedication.

Hydrogen drum kit H2 2.4MiB
Sound bank SFZ WAV 1.8MiB
Sound bank SF2 1.8MiB