Version 2022-12-04

Samples recorded on August 2020 by Gilles Sadowski, on a bagpipe in G designed by Rémy Dubois and built by Olle Geris. Sennheiser MKE2 Gold microphone and Audacity software on a GNU/Linux laptop. All recordings were done while standing at about 80 cm from the microphone.

This bagpipe has a range from F4 to G6 and 2 drones (the pipes which produce a constant sound on background). The drones were recorded separatedly and can be played on the octaves 2 and 3. They are tuned to G in the original instrument, G2 corresponds to the lower drone and G3 the higher one. Other notes in the octaves 2 and 3 will play the drones transposed.

Published under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 public domain dedication.

Sound bank SFZ FLAC 15MiB (16MiB) Best quality
Sound bank SFZ WAV 18MiB (19MiB) Best quality
Sound bank SF2 12MiB (12MiB) Best quality
Sound bank SFZ FLAC 5.2MiB (5.3MiB) Small size
Sound bank SFZ WAV 6.0MiB (6.9MiB) Small size
Sound bank SF2 6.7MiB (6.9MiB) Small size