Hang tuned in D minor

Version 2022-03-30

Hang recorded on July 2017, at the Medialab-Prado auditorium, by Gonzalo <humanogonzalo@gmail.com> and Roberto <roberto@zenvoid.org>, using a Zoom H1 portable recorder mounted on a tripod. Raw recordings were cropped, edited, and processed by Roberto, using free software programs.

Thanks to Mar, who kindly let us record her Hang for the FreePats project and was the performer during the recording session.

Note that this sound bank only responds to notes produced by the original instrument, other notes are silent. The common method of varying the pitch of the nearest tone to generate all missing semitones does not produce good results here, because the hang creates fixed harmonics (actually background notes) which would be randomly shifted to different scales.

Published under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 public domain dedication.

Drum kit H2 31MiB Best quality. Randomized layers
Sound bank SFZ FLAC 13MiB Best quality. Randomized layers
Sound bank SFZ WAV 23MiB (38MiB) Best quality. Randomized layers
Sound bank SF2 11MiB (25MiB)