General MIDI percussion sets

FreePats General MIDI percussion set

Version 2020-08-22

Based on General MIDI (level 1) percussion set, made for the FreePats project. It's a standalone version of the percussion set included in the FreePats General MIDI sound bank, but contains more instrument layers.

GNU General Public License version 3 or later, with a special exception. Some individial sound samples contained in this sound set may be covered by other licenses compatible with the GNU GPL.

Note that there are 4 missing entries in the current version: cuica (high and low) and timbale (high and low). We are working to find and sample the missing instruments; a complete version will be published afterwards.

Hydrogen drum kit H2 15MiB Best quality. Randomized layers
Sound set SFZ WAV 20MiB Best quality. Randomized layers
Sound set SF2 15MiB