Electric Organ

Drawbar Organ Emulation

Imitation of an electromechanical organ, known as a Hammond organ due to its inventor and original manufacturer. Samples and sound bank made by roberto@zenvoid.org for the FreePats project.

Recorded from setBfree software synthesizer. setBfree is a free software program that accurately imitates the sound of electromechanical organs. For best quality and flexibility we recommend to run setBfree synthesizer directly in your computer. These sound banks are provided for convenience when sample-based synthesizers are preferred and for building complete sound sets.

Creative Commons CC0 1.0 license.

Used in FreePats General MIDI instrument #17: Drawbar Organ.

Version 2017.02.25

  • Sound bank SFZ+WAV format, 5.8MiB, 6.3MiB uncompressed.
  • Sound bank SF2 format, 5.8MiB, 6.3MiB uncompressed.