Hang tuned in D minor

Hang recorded on July 2017, at the Medialab-Prado auditorium, by Gonzalo <centralmordor@gmail.com> and Roberto <roberto@zenvoid.org>, using a Zoom H1 portable recorder mounted on a tripod. Raw recordings where cropped, edited, and procesed by Roberto, using free software programs.

Thanks to Mar, who kindly let us record her Hang for the FreePats project and was the performer during the recording session.

GNU General Public License version 3 or later, with a special exception.

About this demo music...

Made with free software and the following FreePats sound banks: Hang tuned in D minor, Clarinet, Colombo Acoustic Drum Kit.

Version 2017.09.07

  • Drum kit Hydrogen 0.9.7+ format, 30MiB, 24bit, 48 stereo samples, round-robin and randomized layers.
  • Sound bank SFZ+WAV format, 28MiB, 24bit, 51 stereo samples, randomized layers.
  • Sound bank SF2 format, 12MiB, 16bit, 51 stereo samples.